Review: BareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation

People often overlook powder foundations because they assume that they can’t achieve the coverage or finish that a liquid foundation provides. I’d argue that the BareMinerals original foundation is an exception to this rule – providing build-able coverage, a natural finish and a slight luminosity to the skin.


I first tried this product around Christmas because my partner and I had plans to spend the new year in North Queensland and I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a liquid foundation in a tropical climate. I didn’t have high hopes or expectations – to be honest I was really just looking for something lightweight that I could throw on to hide my sunburn if we went out for dinner – but I’d heard good things from a friend and figured I might as well give it a go.

Being a powder, this foundation is ridiculously easy to apply. BareMinerals recommend a ‘Swirl, Tap, Buff’ technique which is pretty self-explanatory. After tapping some product into the lid of the pot, simply swirl a kabuki brush (the denser the fuller the coverage) in the foundation, tap off the excess and buff it into the skin.

I personally have combination to dry skin and am blessed with a pretty clear complexion (most of the time at least). I prefer a medium coverage foundation but dabble in either sheer or full coverage formulas depending on the state of my skin and my plans for the day. I find that even a light layer of this foundation works perfectly to even out my skin tone and hide any redness that might be lurking about.


The only fault I could find to this foundation is that I found it to crease quite a bit under my eyes. That being said, I have this problem with most products and find that if I set my concealer with a finer powder under my eyes it tends to alleviate the issue. BareMinerals advertises the foundation as a non-cakey product that hides the appearance of lines and wrinkles – which I’ll half agree with. The foundation is definitely buildable without that awful clumpy texture, however, I find it settles into my laugh lines when I do wear a heavier layer of it. I don’t mind it so much – I mean, smile lines aren’t bad lines to have – but for this reason I wouldn’t recommend this foundation to those with mature skin.

I wouldn’t recommend this product for those with oily skin or anyone looking to achieve a matte finish. Despite this foundation being a mineral powder, it does not set matte and tends to run on the luminous side throughout the day (especially in the t-zone). I personally didn’t find this to be an issue, in fact it added to the natural look of the foundation on the skin, but I can see how someone with oilier skin would struggle to wear this throughout the day.

The shade range of this foundation is pretty great – it comes in twenty shades and accommodates cool, neutral and warm undertones. I appreciate that BareMinerals have created a product that can be used for both fair and deep skin tones. I personally wear Medium Beige which has a neutral undertone and I find it has worked perfectly over the last few months as my usually pasty skin has progressed to a slightly darker shade of white.

The wear on this foundation is also pretty great, I haven’t had any issues with it breaking up or fading throughout the day and I usually just use blotting paper to control any excess shine if I’m wearing it for an extended amount of time.


I love to use this foundation over the Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating Primer and Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer as a base. I generally will just use a soft kabuki brush to buff the foundation onto my skin, being sure to blend it down the neck. I then finish off the complexion with a generous dose of the Mario Badescu Rosewater spray to ensure the powder melts into my skin and encourages that gorgeous luminous glow.


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