March Favourites

Listen, I’m grounded enough to realise that I don’t have a large enough following to care, but I’d still like to acknowledge that I’ve neglected this blog over the last few weeks and I’m sorry. A few things have happened this month and I’m just trying to wrap my head around it all.

I’m also well aware that this kind of post is far more interesting if the author is somewhat famous or well-established – sorry about it, I have no creativity.

2017-03-26 17.19.36.jpg

Loreal Infallible 24-Matte Foundation

Because it’s been so hot and humid in Brisbane lately I’ve been struggling like crazy to keep my makeup from sliding off my face in one piece. This foundation actually surprised me with how well it wears throughout the day, I can honestly apply it at 7am and it still looks great at 10pm when I take it off. I wouldn’t say it’s completely matte for me, at least not all day, but I won’t ask too much of a drugstore foundation.

Here’s my favourite thing about this foundation: it’s sweatproof. The temperature this week has been in the high twenties with humidity sitting around 90% and I’ve had literally no issue with this foundation breaking up (and believe me, I’m a sweaty human).


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Greyfitti

I hate getting my nails done. There, I said it. I hate the sound of a nail file, I can never keep my nail polish from chipping for more than an hour and acrylics are a torture I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Top it off with the fact that I tear my fingernails when I’m anxious (gross, sure, but everyone has a vice) so I never really have much to work with.

Insert Sally Hanson’s Gel Polish. Amazing stuff. Like most five-year-olds, I often struggle to colour within the lines – not with this polish. I feel like it’s something about the shape of the brush combined with the consistency of the polish itself that makes it so much easier to apply than anything else I’ve ever used. And it lasts beautifully without chipping (honourable mention to the Sally Hansen nailgrowth Miracle I used at a base too).


BareMinerals Pop Of Passion Lip Oil-Balm in Rose Passion

As someone who suffers with perpetually dry lips, this product is honestly something I couldn’t live without. This lippie is super conditioning and gives a lovely hint of colour. I love the shade ‘Rose Passion’ so much because it gives such a natural ‘your lips but better’ look for every day wear. I also love that you can build the colour up for a bolder look and because it leaves a tint on the lips it wears away without a trace so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it throughout the day if you don’t have time. I love using this product as a base if I’m wearing a matte or liquid lipstick because it conditions the lips and helps to extend the wear of most products.


Maybelline Full’n’Soft Waterproof Mascara

I actually bought this to use on my bottom lashes because I have sensitive eyes that like to water and ruin my life (i.e. my eye makeup) but it’s earned its way as my go-to every day mascara. Considering the price, this mascara separates and coats the lashes so well and actually holds the curl of my lashes better than some of my more expensive products. I was reluctant at first to use this on a daily basis as waterproof mascaras can be difficult to remove which can damage your lashes – BUT I find that a basic micellar water works just fine to remove it without excessive rubbing on the eye area.


Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser

I’ve had a stressful few weeks and my skin has really suffered for it. This facewash just leaves my face feeling clean and bright without drying it out which is really all a girl can ask for. I love how soft my skin has been feeling since I started using this and it’s definitely been keeping my breakouts at bay. I bought the baby version from Mecca Maxima’s Beauty-To-Go section to give it a go and will definitely be buying the full size product when it runs out.



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