Two Months.

So. I have officially been home in Brisbane for two months. And. Um. I need to get my ass in gear.

Emotionally, I am so proud of what I’ve done in the last two months. I’ve been on autopilot a little the last couple weeks because I’ve had a lot on with uni and work but this morning when I realised the date I took a moment to reflect on how I’ve been feeling and I’m happy to say: I’m fucking great.

What’s not so great is my failure to reach (or even attempt) my physical goals. Diet wise I feel like I’m doing okay… ish. Since moving home I’ve gone back to a vegetarian diet after my brief affair with poultry and I’m feeling a lot better for it. I’ve also stopped eating eggs and am mostly dairy-free (although those leftover Easter eggs are giving me grief). I’m not really trying to go completely vegan but I want to strive for a predominantly plant-based diet in my everyday life. I’ve also been trying to limit gluten from my diet because coeliac disease is in my family and I’ve been googling symptoms (problematic, I know) and I’m trying to avoid going to the doctor. I was tracking my macros and counting calories on myfitnesspal but my phone broke and I’ve gone analogue (pre-smartphone) until my new phone comes in the mail, which to be honest I feel a little better about. I’ve been trying to eat intuitively and just include as much variety into my meals as possible, which works like, probably 80% of the time.

My physical activity is where things are lacking. I’ve been wanting to join a gym for, well, the entire two months I’ve been here but I still haven’t been paid by work and I can’t bring myself to commit funds I don’t really have. I’ve done the odd workout at home and I’ve been hiking a little bit here and there but nothing near the vigorous regime I want to work my way up to. I’ve been watching possible a little too many fitness youtubers lately and I just feel like I need to pick myself up.

Even though it’s almost four in the afternoon and I couldn’t really think of anything worse than putting on makeup, I’m going to get ready and go to my local gym and at least enquire about pricing and check out the equipment so I can justify the two hours I’ve just spent online window shopping athleisure that I feel too fat to wear right now. I’m really going to try to update this blog later this week with a little diet/exercise update – really more for my own benefit rather than anyone reading it, to ensure I’m staying true to what I’ve been saying I’ll do.



3 thoughts on “Two Months.

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! I’ve been doing some hiking and LISS lately but I struggle with outdoor workouts because they tend to be cardio based (not a fan) and I need exercise to be fun for me to actually stick to it. Would love to hear any suggestions you have 🙂


      1. Try to change the way you think? Idk, cardio to me is enjoyable, just not all the time. And cardio doesn’t have to be the only type of exercise outside. Hiking is great though 🙂


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